moll Joker Children’s desk

The desk is the place where most homework is completed. It represents hard work, creativity and the desire to learn and do well. It can be a place of creative chaos or meticulous organisation. No matter what your child’s style is, this simple desk will enable them to stay on top of every piece of schoolwork. The Joker is moll’s trump card: minimalist, classic moll design without compromise. This attention to detail, design and workmanship is the reason why moll is considered the expert in producing ergonomic children’s furniture. The height adjustment, tilting desktop, different finishes (maple, oak and white) and color accents (in a choice of six colors) combine to create comfortable, ergonomic and enjoyable working environment.  A compartment for storing pens and pencils is included. The desk is height-adjustable and can be expanded at any time with the addition of a Giant Drawer. If further storage space is needed, the moll Pro and moll Profit mobile cabinets with roomy drawers are the perfect solution.