moll Champion

For a child, a desk for children is not just any piece of furniture. It is the place where they do homework or study for the next test and it is important that they feel comfortable at their desk. The moll Champion certainly delivers the comfort factor. Quality, function and design — the Champion sets new standards. No other desk combines design, ergonomics and safety in the same way. The integrated yo-yo device lets children easily adjust the height themselves and rounded corners provide additional safety. The Champion’s design credentials are outstanding: it won the international Red Dot Design Award in 2012 and the renowned German Design Award in 2018. This top-quality desk comes with eight accent colors, allowing children to personalize and change the look of their desk. The look of the Champion can be further customized with the colored side panels. Available in 12 different shades, these can be bought separately and replaced. The Cubic mobile cabinet matches the moll Champion while the Cubic-max offers even more storage space.