moll mobile cabinets

Children like to keep every little item they find and can collect all kinds of bits and pieces. moll’s cabinets are designed with this in mind. These roomy cabinets offer storage up to size A3. On casters, they are easy to move but still very stable. The optional seating pad quickly transforms the cabinet into a stool, useful as a seat for friends or for parents who are helping with homework. All drawers are self-closing to prevent fingers getting trapped. The coloured accents for the handles come in a range of colours and are supplied with the cabinets. The top drawer contains a removable compartment. Shelf attachments provide additional storage for files and books.

Striking, sturdy and with limitless possibilities — the C7 mobile container works both as a stand-alone item and as part of a work-station. It can be used as a cabinet and stool anywhere in the home and also complements the T7 perfectly. The decorative elements are available in the same colours as colour inlays of the T7 and are interchangeable. The seating pad bridges the gap between table and chair, transforming the cabinet into a stool. For a harmonious overall picture, the Pad is available in the same range of colours as the fabrics for the S6 and S9. All coloured elements can be exchanged and adapted at any time.