moll Rotafile — rotating shelves

Flexible living requires flexible storage: whether making changes in the home or reorganising the garage, the best choice is furniture that can be adapted to serve different purposes as the need arises. moll specializes in the creation of flexible furniture and storage systems. While Rotafile was originally developed for file storage, it can do so much more. There are virtually no limits to the way it can be configured. Individual levels can be added later on and each level can hold up to 75kg. A range of accessories, such as shelf dividers and casters, can be retrofitted and colored accents, such as the magnetic boards (available in six colors), can be added. It is available in the shape of a circular rotating column and now also in a cubic shape (Sqarefile), offering many configuration options. Developed out of decades of experience in producing storage systems, Rotafile is now a market leader.