Desk Lamps

Generally speaking, natural light is preferable to artificial. It is important to ensure that there is good ambient lighting in the entire room, preferably from daylight. But sometimes, due to the shape of the room or because a study session continues into the evening, natural lighting is not available at the desk. This is when a desk lamp is needed to prevent eyestrain. Good lighting helps to boost natural light and ensures excellent illumination of the desk at any time of day.  You should also ensure that a desk’s position within the room makes it easy for the user to look into the distance occasionally. A place by the window is ideal for this. Additional lighting with illuminance of approximately 500 lux is recommended in order to provide the best conditions for reading. moll’s desk lamp Flexlight uses LED lighting to provide optimal reading comfort without too much brightness. Inbuilt USB ports allow for two electronic devices to be charged via a USB cable without the need for additional power sockets. The mounting clamp can be fixed to any surface between 12mm and 23mm thick and fits all desks by moll. As the lamp is fixed directly to the desk, it continues to provide optimal lighting even when the desk is tilted.