moll designer desks

Some pieces of furniture put their stamp on our living environment, expressing and emphasising our own personal style. The moll T7 desk — unique and flexible — is just such piece. The basic model comes in two sizes. With a choice of seven finishes, it is equally at home in the children’s rooms, the home office or anywhere else in the house. The moll T7 is no ordinary piece of office furniture, keeping the finger on the pulse it is designed to fit into everyday life. The T7’s electrically controlled height adjustment puts it in a class of its own and sets a new benchmark for ergonomic furniture design. The T7 range is the only home office desk on the market that can be adjusted to fit a young child sitting down and an adult standing up. With its brilliant, powered height adjustment mechanism, the T7 is also perfectly suited for children. The push-to-open drawer blends in with the T7’s overall look and provides easy access to items that are not needed on the desktop but need to be kept close to hand. The moll T7’s precision craftsmanship, sustainable materials and timeless look all contribute to a design that is simple yet sophisticated and without compromise when it comes to quality. Lasting satisfaction is guaranteed. Our attention to detail has not gone unnoticed in design circles: even before the moll T7 was available for sale, it was nominated for the renowned German Design Award, which it proceeded to win. moll’s ergonomic designer desks allow you to work at the perfect height, whatever the task.