moll designer swivel chairs

Furnishings can make a lasting impression, whether they are completely to our taste or the exact opposite of our taste — or because they manage to surprise us. With its adjustable designer swivel chairs, moll has managed to surprise us. The chairs are a conscious departure in design: both colours and shape are original and distinctive. These designer swivel chairs are further proof of moll’s intuitive and accurate feel for timeless and inspired design.

Being able to adjust the chair correctly forms the basis of good posture. It is important that seat depth and height can be adjusted to the user’s size and proportions to ensure the correct posture when sitting. The moll S6 and moll S9 ergonomic swivel chairs offer many adjustment options to suit a wide range of people, from preschoolers to adults. Seat height and seat depth are infinitely adjustable. moll’s designer furniture is designed to provide ergonomic furniture for the work space but moll pays just as much attention to design as to function. The futuristic and innovative design speaks for itself and has received admiration and recognition from design enthusiasts and professionals alike. The moll S9 was nominated for the German Design Award — and proceeded to win it. Award-winning design, made in Germany.

Fabrics introduce a tactile, visual and aesthetic dimension and add richness to any room. Available in eight different top-quality fabrics, there is a designer swivel chair to suit every room and taste. Different fabrics can be combined — there are no limits to what you can choose.